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Your Constitution

It's Sunday, June 13th, 2021. It's a '6' day, numerologically (Adjustment time - and group work is favored) and a 'leaf' day, which is why I made corn chowder for the Clearing Circle.

Also, we have moved into Gene Key #12: A Pure Heart. (Shadow) Vanity – (Gift) Discrimination – (Siddhi) Purity. Richard's message is so lovely:

"Vanity and Purity are mirrors at the two ends of the spectrum of human consciousness. With Vanity your lower self falls in love with itself, and with Purity the higher self falls in love with itself. You might say that Purity is when the Divine falls in love with you. This can only happen when you come within the Sphere of Divine Love. Your behaviour, your thoughts, your feelings, the very air you breathe must resonate to one purpose — what the Sufis call falling in love with the Beloved. The Beloved is not something out there — it is the essence of your true nature, and you do fall into it because it resides deep within you."

As we met around the fire today, I shared powerful insights that arose during a recent conversation with Stacie:

Our personal constitution consists of Heart, Consciousness, Will, and Body; each of these aspects have an elemental component (like in Chinese Medicine) to help maintain alignment and balance.

  • Consciousness: Dry

  • Will: Wet

  • Body: Cold

  • Heart: Hot

I've gone on in detail about the other aspects of each dimension - this was a good reminder of how we are each responsible for (the health of) our personal constitution and collectively for our Freedom.

Listening to Elieen Day McKusick the other evening was a great reminder that Health=Freedom. I would add that we can become aware of how to show up to balance what is called for as individuals:

Corona(virus)=cold(Body)/dry(Consciousness; we must balance with heat(Heart)/wet(Will).

It was interesting to consider that we hold the capacity to regulate our Inner Gyroscope to maintain equilibrium in every realm; once the above mentioned Four Dimensions are fully integrated, everything can be processed directly through Heart, and we can adjust in response to individuals, groups, and environments/geographical locations.

Clearing happens almost automatically as Body simply allows tears, hot flashes, chills, sounds, etc. as needed.

Finally, I shared out the new and updated Sovereignty Statement:

"I claim full Sovereignty as Co-Creator, Homo Luminus Divinicus, in alignment with God’s Divine & Cosmic Laws.

I appreciate and love all roles I have played and, aligning my Free Will with Divine Will, petition the COURT of GOD with compassion to harmonize all frequencies to my Highest, Harmonic Self-resonant Frequency, to increase my Life-Force Energy, and activate my Divine dormant DNA & healing abilities.

I request Source assistance for protection of my Sacred Energy & Space and extend it to everyone aligned with and working for the Ascension Timeline - with and for redemption and easy integration of all other timelines.

I command this invocation to Infinity, with my whole Heart & Soul to the Infinite Speed of God. Thank You. It is done. It is done. It is done."

As we move toward Purity, can you see it is because our Human Constitution is always bringing us back to Love?

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1 comentario

14 jun 2021

Thank you for the new and updated Sovereignty Statement, Alice! I love it and will copy and print it out and put it on my desk to read in the mornings. I also love the distinction between Vanity and Purity, and the idea of falling in love with the Beloved---the essence of our true nature.

Me gusta
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