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It's Saturday, May 30 and my friend Sue is visiting from Sharon, MA. She, too, is an avid gardener and was excited to see how things in the gardens here At Dream Barn Hollow are coming along.

Don't you love surprise garden help? It was even a surprise for her - as she didn't know I would enlist her assistance!!

The first thing we did was hang out the hammock. Then we set out the various garden art, statues, and chairs.

Finally, we harvested some Wormwood.

Eucalyptus Wormwood, to be precise.

Can you imagine what it smells like?

To be honest, I wish I could make this scratch-and-sniff. It smells that good!

I took it inside, filled a mason jar with the fragrant leaves - and then poured in vodka. After giving it a gentle shake every day for the next 2 months, I'll strain it through cheesecloth and fill small bottles of this powerful tincture.

Although wormwood was an ingredient in absinthe, this particular remedy (5-10 drops) is for digestion, bloating, gassiness - digestion, in general.

This seems to be a theme for folks, I'm noticing - processing, digesting.

Our digestive system is a good indicator of how well we are processing life - as well as food.

How well are you processing life these days? Are there things you are ready to release?

Are you feeling stuck? Are things moving too fast -out of control?

I'm always glad to have folks come and visit. Sue is upstairs meditating - and I am ready to head back out to do some mulching. Going and growing with the flow....

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