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Today, Tuesday, April 28, is an 'Unbirthday.' Isn't that the funniest thought?

Really, Lewis Carroll reminded us that any of the 364 days which are not one's birthday = an unbirthday...

My actual birthday is not until August 28th...which was Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's birthday, too (8.28.1749). If there was ever a conscious wordsmith - it was Goethe!

Lately, I have been noticing even more that words fascinate me because I'm feeling their essence and frequency. Are you aware of the impact of your words? Are you familiar with neurolinguistics?

In a previous blog, I mentioned how intrigued I am by a word's etymology...and looking up the word 'etymology' provided this (

"As practised by Socrates in the Cratylus, etymology involves a claim about the underlying semantic content of the name, what it really means or indicates. This content is taken to have been put there by the ancient namegivers: giving an etymology is thus a matter of unwrapping or decoding a name to find the message the namegivers have placed inside." [Rachel Barney, "Socrates Agonistes: The Case of theCratylusEtymologies," in "Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy," vol. xvi, 1998]

Words consist of letters, which were, themselves, originally images to hold an entire concept... picture: hieroglyphs.

As they evolved over time, the first sound of the image was used (letter/symbol) and then combinations of letters were combined to make new words/concepts.

So, instead of just being a word, the combination of letters comprising the word created a whole story within it!

Consciously looking at combinations of letters, becoming aware of the history and root of each aspect of a word can give us insight into the meaning and story behind it. We unwrap the word (like an unbirthday present) and decode it - gaining an energetic awareness of how it is impacting us...physically.

Today's word awareness for me was around 'condemn.' Con means 'with' and demn means damage, harm, doom, blame. So...if I am condemning someone - I am dooming, harming, damaging, blaming myself along with them. Whoa....!!!

How might we all become more conscious of the impact of our letters, words, and stories?

So we can all live 'happily ever after.....'

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