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Wild card: Red

It's Wednesday, October 28th and I am in East Sandwich, MA. As I had hoped to get to an ocean this year (and would have been en route to Spain today), I am amazed at how the Universe orchestrated this trip.

After some final errands and follow-up conversations this morning, I headed out.

As I drove, I considered some of the themes that had arisen: dealing with unwelcome guests, being an over-accommodating host, externalized authority, brazen rule-breaking without consequences. General overwhelm.

Do any of those sound familiar? Like:

Gate 28.5 - Today's theme of 'stirring the pot or not.'

As I crossed the Bourne Bridge, I got really excited to reconnect with Tara and Trevor.

I felt absolutely at home when I found this sign in the living room. Can you relate?

Turns out Tara's mother is a hot ticket with a wicked sense of humor, too!

It was fascinating to hear about Trevor's classes; he has one online class in World History with over 800 students in it.

Wow, huh?

His schedule seems to be balanced with learning real skills in-person and individual studying online. I feel like this is a pretty good model, actually.

After four fast-paced Uno games, we did some clearing (seems like the themes I had identified were all relevant!) and then called it a night.

Are you balancing work with play? Are you keeping your frequency high? Are you clearing those issues that trigger you, as soon as you identify them?

Makes for a fun game, I say. Go ahead...draw four!

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