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It's Monday, March 29th...Happy Birthday, Ischa!

It's a '1' day, numerologically (practical, foundational) and a 'gray' day from now through noon tomorrow, biodynamically. 'Gray day,' you ask? Why, yes.

Don't plant anything. Use the time to weed, rake, mulch, etc.

I spent the early hours of this morning baking again and then headed out to visit Nick Seidner of Rising Meadow Pottery in Middletown Springs. I took a favorite bowl that had cracked to see if he would be able to recreate another of the same general size & shape.

As I passed from Wallingford to Tinmouth, I had to stop and take a photo of this GIANT table and chairs - with dishes and everything!

How fun is this?

So magical on the side of the road...

At Nick's workshop and gallery, he has his own version of creativity displayed: I love the Welcoming Guardian!

It was so much fun to hear how things have shifted for Nick over the past year; from making dozens of place settings to teaching small classes in the recently remodeled barn.

I reminded him how much I appreciate his work and keep all of my (his) mugs displayed prominently in my kitchen.

We also discussed current affairs (my thoughts about this 'vaccine') and then I headed towards Rutland.

Right after Ira, there is another amazing - and quite large! - art display. Out in the open.

I vaguely remember seeing some of them before, years ago, and maybe some of them also changed? Or this is another timeline??

Anyway, it was another chance to catch some BIG energy, artistically expressed.

Seems perfect as we move from Gate 17 ("Gate of Opinions Grounded in Detail)

Line 6 - The bodhisattva Perfected following, one with and the same as, perfected leading.

Exaltation: The great nurturer. The nature of this position is always positive. The possibility in understanding the nature of interdependency to express opinions of value to others"...

...into Gate 21: Biting Through (Gate of the Hunter/Huntress;Strength of Will)

We need the whimsy to balance the 'heavy.'

More on this, perhaps tomorrow?

We'll see!

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