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Well Fed

It's Thursday, August 12th. Numerologically, it's a '7' day (did you spend some time getting in touch with your Inner Wisdom?) and biodynamically, it's another 'root' day.

Overall, I'm quite happy with this day - I could easily have gotten pulled into a full day of watching the constant updates about what's being discovered with regards to the shot, the elections, etc.....and I did not.

Instead, I spent some time planning for the upcoming events here - there are a number of fun things I want to share on the 28th: runes, tarot, numerology, etc. This in addition to the speakers and the story stroll through the garden.

I do hope this date is on your calendar?

When things finally cooled down a bit, i ventured outside - and noticed that there were a number of nibbled fruits in the greenhouse and right outside - grrrr!

If these chipmunks were any more bold, they'd be knocking on the door.

I put some of the half-eaten peaches by the and loudly yelled for them to stay out.

Then, I ventured into the rain (wearing my swimsuit, which seemed reasonable enough) to get a wee bit of weeding done.

How funny to come in, recap the day and realize this is the energy of "Gate 4.2 - Today: understanding or not is key.

Line 2 - Acceptance The recognition of limitation in oneself and others leads to tolerance and the suspension of judgment. Exaltation: The glorification of feelings. The mother which always pardons the errant child. The potential to recognize that not everyone can understand."

Just like the chipmunks, who have their own agenda (find the very best fruit and eat it!) I can choose to be compassionate, forgiving, and generous.

Yeah, there's plenty.

If this is the worst that I have to deal with today - how lucky am I?

I hope that we can all be so well fed.

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