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Weeding What?!

It's Saturday, June 5th. Numerologically, it's a '7' day (did you work with your plants?); biodynamically, it's a 'leaf' day. As I crunch on a few leftover tortilla chips, I realize this is why they are tasting so good right now; corn is a leaf.

This was the perfect weekend morning -blue sky, warm breeze, and nothing urgent scheduled.

I was seriously grateful to be able to take a few hours and catch up on things that had been overlooked/ignored.

Including tearing the pages off the calendar and figuring out what day this was...ha!

Since it was a 'leaf' day, I spent some time yanking out horsetail, painting hostas with a concoction to keep the deer away, drank some peppermint tea,

...and weeded the pond.

What does that entail, you ask?

Well, picture this: me in a little blow-up- swimming-pool-floaty-chair, that's keeping me just about a foot off the bottom of the pond (nice and cold, as it's spring-fed), deciding that from this vantage point, I can yank out a few of the clumps of grasses that are starting to grow into the water.

I had fun until the thunder started!

At that point, I was willing to call it a day.

A hot shower and cup of tea (also leaf!) and I'm ready to see what's new for today.

How about Superhuman? Yeah....

"Gate 35:Line 5 - Altruism The sacrifice of personal for communal progress. Exaltation: The principles of interaction and harmony communicated successfully for the benefit of the whole. Progressive communication that can bring beneficial change to the whole."

What if we all tapped into our powers? And channeled them towards something beneficial for the whole?

First we have to weed out any thoughts that no longer serve - that requires vigilance.

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