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Virgo Moon

Today, April 5, is Palm Sunday. The moon is in my sign, which explains why I was happily drawn into some baking this morning - before I even got dressed! (Has that ever happened to you?)

That said, the most important factor for cooking and baking to me apron.

It's made of heavy jeans fabric, discolored from years of use with deep pockets and a utilitarian feel. As I slipped it over my head this morning, I realized how important this is to me: this apron has been with me since I first began cooking and baking on my own. It is the first thing I reach for when I start thinking about making/cooking/baking.

Over the years, it has played a starring role for daily meals, holidays, canning and prepping becoming imbued with the love of good food, an intention for making delicious creations and my desire to nurture the folks I'm feeding. It has become more than just an apron - it is, itself, a magical ingredient.

Do you have a favorite tool that has become part of your process? Your favorite pen, for writing? Your favorite garden tool? Your favorite paintbrushes? Maybe it is a yoga mat - or meditation cushion...

By consciously recognizing that these items hold our intentions (especially over time), we can think about how we interact with them with even more gratitude for the role they play.

Then, too, when you create something amazing - like these GF beauties with chunks of fairtrade organic chocolate from Panama - you can remember that your tools have been holding your energetic intentions to assist you in your creative process!

Now, I'm off to grab a glass of almond milk...

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