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It's Wednesday, September 23rd and I headed over early to Webster NH to meet Stacie's mom. What a sweetie! Isn't it fun to see how kids are like their parents? Apples falling from the tree and all that...

As I was arriving, this little fellow showed up - so I had to say hi.

Do you know what turtle's totem is about?

  • Slowing down and pacing yourself

  • Nurturing yourself and feeling your emotions

  • Making use of this creative, fertile time - without distractions

  • Spending more time in solitude


  • Increased sensitivity to the earth's vibrations and collective consciousness

Of course, I had to also admire the image on Stacie's fun shirt.

How is this connected to vibrations, you ask?

Well, our skeleton is the framework of our human body; wherein every single cell is created from and responds to certain frequencies and vibrations.

Healing is possible through finding, accessing, and maintaining the right vibrations from good health and constant renewal of cells.

Here's a reminder of the upcoming workshop At Dream Barn Hollow: Rhythm Medicine & Magic on Saturday, October 3rd:

Healthy cells have a molecular biological clock aligned with each other and nature, which is responsible for programming every aspect of your life and timed to ensure optimal health. Studies show that once you align with your personal rhythm, you will heal.

Come join us for an informative presentation & instruction, followed by a drumming circle.

A light vegetarian meal will be provided.

Karen Eddings is leading this workshop. She is a nurse and a certified drum circle and rhythm coach.

If you are coming from further away and you'd like to book a bed for the night, you can email me. I am planning to be done painting...!!!

How fun - and timely - was it to find this sweet letter in my mailbox today, too?

Beat. Heartbeat. Beautiful!

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