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Veja Du

It's Thursday, July 1st. It's a '4' day, numerologically ( a great day to give freely of yourself, your talents, and your resources) and a 'leaf' day, biodynamically. I just arrived home and am happy to settle in with a cup of tea...

These days, when I get back from a whirlwind trip (with lots of clearing, connecting, healing) there is usually some kind of weather-related confirmation that the 'mission' was successful; this time I was driving through pouring rain the whole time.

It made me doubly happy to have had a last visit to the beach this morning, followed by the best lobster tacos ever, in Point Pleasant.

This lunch detour allowed us to arrive in a timely manner to meet Victor Vallone, who runs Theraphi sessions.I had my first session about three years ago in Saratoga Springs at the Mind, Body, Soul Expo.

It's fascinating to see how power is moved between the bulbs - to the extent that it lights up a fluorescent lightbulb!

Here's a photo, as he demoed this for us.

Interestingly, Victor recently was called to switch the location of the bulbs from the head and the foot of the table to the area of the shoulders; the horizontal line of Heart. Pretty cool how everyone is working towards the same thing, huh? Complete integration of Heart,Consciousness, Will, and Body.

I'm hoping to get Victor and this unit At Dream Barn Holllow in a few weeks - I'll keep you posted!

With moving into July, we begin Gene Key 39: The Tension of Transcendence

(Shadow)Provocation – (Gift)Dynamism – (Siddhi)Liberation

In his book Dare to Be Divine, Rudd writes:

"Dare to liberate yourself through your imagination. Allow your vast dreams to come alive inside you once again. Unblock the pathways that closed down during difficult times in your childhood. Let your heart breathe fresh, free air again. Feel the daring inside you as the rush of this new energy courses again through your veins."

I guess this might include a deja vu, a veja du...or any other backwards/forwards timeline shifts?

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1 Comment

Jul 04, 2021

Wow! Theraphi is fascinating, Alice! I will learn more and put it out there to get some Theraphi treatment in due timing! I always learn so much from your blog entries. Thanks for sharing that info!

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