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It's Sunday, September 5, 2021...the middle of the Labor Day Weekend! Biodynamically, it's a 'fruit' day (today and tomorrow) and numerologically, it's a '1' day, so trust yourself and your intuition.

Even as I reflect on everything that's happened since my last post, I feel amazed a how quickly things are shifting; I have felt moments of self-doubt, grief, and loss - and moments of exhilaration, courage, and joy.

Certainly, the connections and reconnections that occurred during the Mind/Body/Soul Expo in Saratoga were uplifting! The network of like-minded, open-hearted folks that gathered for this event included a variety of amazing beings...

I am grateful to everyone who participated - in every capacity, at every distance:

thank you, Pete, for being such a gracious host and allowing me to stay over on Friday, after unloading things. It was quite a sight to arrive and find you up in the air!

It was especially fun to brainstorm how to connect the Mo-Hud Chapter with Dream Barn Hollow. I'm holding that vision.

Then...Saturday. I loved my booth number!

This was my view:

Bryn was a powerhouse taking Aura photos - I am so grateful for her capacity to regulate and work with this technology. Friends from NYC, NJ, & VT arrived to support the cause (thank you too, Bryn, for the nourishing picnic!)

It was lovely to work with Christine Seebold again, connect with Tiffany Butler, and chat with Steve and Gabby, who had some amazing stones and crystals...I do hope to get them to visit the Barn. So many wonderful vendors..

It was after 1:00am by the time I got home, unloaded, and to bed. This morning, I started catching up on emails, etc.

How funny that my 'Word for the Day' today is 'unplug:'

1. Relax by disengaging from normal activities.

2. Disconnect (an electrical device) by removing its plug from a socket.

That seems to go along with the energy of today's "Gate 64.3 - Theme of potential enlightenment today

Line 3 - Overextension; Exaltation: The wisdom to recognize when one has not the necessary resources to complete transition. Such timely awareness may give it a chance to seek assistance. The wisdom to accept confusion as a temporary state, that will be resolved in time or through others."

I suppose this is the time to confess that I had another next-level, embodied, A-ha awareness that happened yesterday while working with a client: we are ALL surrogates and proxies! I worked with someone, who was working on behalf of a family member and their spouse - as well as their collective Ancestry. So: a surrogate for proxy work....Whew!

So: I do the work that I can, that feels possible and right for me - and delegate that which is challenging to others, for whom it is easy. It is truly teamwork from here forward....which is why we need as many people as possible to wake up to Who They Are and Why They Are Here.

I'm taking Labor Day off. In fact, there's no telling when I might next blog, as life is becoming more fun, unpredictable, and extreme....

That said, I wish you continued ease & joy, as we navigate forward: turning a page!

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