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It's Saturday, January 9th and we have arrived at the last line of Gate 54:

"Line 6 - Selectivity Exaltation: The ingrained responsibility, in terms of maintaining security and personal identity that will naturally restrict its relationships to ones that are mutually beneficial. The energy to restrict relationships that hinder ambition. Detriment: A generally benefic and expansive nature that assumes that it can instill, what is otherwise missing in its partners. A waste of energy. The waste of energy in maintaining relationships which hinder ambition."

Are there relationships that you are maintaining that are one-sided? That feel exhausting to maintain...or emotionally draining?

I spent some quiet time today, thinking about the relationships I have that are really mutually beneficial. Like my relationship with my garden.

When Linda called and asked if I had placed my seed order yet, I realized this was the perfect day - and that was a perfect way - to focus my energy.

Instead of being tempted to watch more of the drama that is unfolding, I browsed the glorious images in my High Mowing Seeds catalog.

These guys are located right here in Vermont - which means the seeds they provide are acclimated to this region.

I save my own seeds, too. I've learned a lot through trial and error and am so grateful when my Garden Devas demonstrate grace!

Seeds represent such hope, don't you agree?

It was reading 'The Ringing Cedars of Russia' series that I really understood the true benefit of growing my own food - and cultivating personal relationships with the seeds, plants, and fruits; we can communicate and co-create our own health.

While I usually wait to place an order in February, I'm finding that many folks are waking up to the idea of gardening...and some of the varieties are already sold out.

Believe it or not, I find that very exciting.

While I'm selecting the choice to stay grounded, I am also aware there's a good possibility that the next few days will be a bit of a wild ride. I'm including this message I received today...

Do what you can to stay confident and positive!

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