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Under Construction

It's Tuesday, July 7th - which is a (7+7+2+0+2+0=18=1+8=9) 9 day, numerologically.

There are a number of things that want to be brought to close...

I usually like to have a fire to symbolically let everything go. Today was a small one!

And since I created a moment of space/time for this ritual of letting go, I also got my cards out.

There were three that got stuck in the box (no accidents!) Since it seemed clear to me that these were the ones to focus on, I did.

They literally fell out in this order...

Oh, boy!

Can you see why I love these cards??

I usually don't even bother with the definitions in the book - to me, the meaning is so clear:

  • Free your mind; be willing to wake up and think outside the box. Balance nourishment for mind and body. Stay peaceful.

  • Honor transformation without fearing it.

  • The Devil's Reign is over.

And just in case I was not clear on the theme of change, upheaval, and transformation, the construction began in front of the barn!

Certainly, this is keeping with Gate 53, too: Beginnings, Transition and Change.

When my colleagues arrived, we moved down to the garden for our final review session.

I used to joke that all teenagers needed a sign across their foreheads stating "Under Construction." Brain studies show that myelination isn't completed until they hit ~20+ years of age.

Today, I felt that way, myself!

My brain is under construction, my emotions are shifting, my road is being repaved - major transformation is happening. What will things look like in a week? A month? A year?

As Jose Silva would say: Every day, in every way - better and better!

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