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Trickster Energy!

It's Wednesday, December 9th. A 'root' day (how's that for really grounding?). A '7' day (Spirituality: 'look within to find answers').

And Gate 26: "Line 2 - The lessons of history Exaltation: The energy and depth of reflection to learn from the past in anticipation of the future. The power of the ego to mature through experience."

Did you notice it didn't say: "get rid of the ego"?

So many New Age teachers have taught us that we just need to eliminate the ego.

Not so fast, I say.

Ego is here as a compass for our journey.

Over the last few days, I've had the opportunity to work with numerous people all over the country to clear some really primal issues: the distorted memory in our DNA, feeling a void in the Soul, the inability to (self-)regulate...

So, today, I'm sharing this beautiful deck...

and the original conspiracy (#1) jumped out as I was shuffling.

Here are a few powerful lines from the book:

"Our ego tells us that we have a great calling, but that it is impossible to accomplish. To hide from our purpose, we are caught in a storm of conflict and swallowed by a whale of a problem. Our purpose is our soul promise, and it seems impossible for us to do. However, it will not be accomplished by us, but through us with grace" (p.41).

To me, this is another reminder to align our ego with our Higher Self.

Our Free Will with Divine Will.

Not always easy, huh? Especially when we seem to be running such interference?

(Have any of you noticed the tech glitches that have been happening? I swear the current solar flares- and other Trickster energies are wreaking havoc with our gadgets...even right now, as I'm typing!)

Ultimately, though, we got this.

Like the story of Jonah, who ultimately chose life and to follow God's plan (over death and remaining in the belly of the whale), we can choose to remember why we're really here.

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