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It's Saturday, July 31st. Numerologically, it's a '7' day (a good day for a drive in the country, as it turned out!); biodynamically, it's a 'fruit' day (cherry vanilla ice cream, anyone?)

Before Chris and Brigham showed up, I made another batch of Farmer's Cheese (I'm good with this, since this raw milk came from happy cows).

Then, we headed out for the advertised event the next town over.

No one seemed to be there...though there was a sign that read: "No mask, no entry, no exceptions."

Hmmm. Curious.

I did stop in to see neighboring artist Debbie Bump - who had no idea about the above event- and so we went to the store in town, where we ran into another woman, who was also looking for the venue (she was one of the real reasons for this field trip, I'm certain!). She found out the event had been canceled.

Then, since we were on the back roads anyway, we drove by to see Michele. What a lovely opportunity to catch up, talk about future collaboration, and view her gardens.

We stopped at Rushton Farm a bit further up the road for ice cream, cookies, and eggs...

And on the last leg of the trip, I shared aloud what was coming through: we have electro-magnetic navigational access through our Pineal Gland (think: internal GPS), which pulls us to those locations geographically, where we can be further activated.

Geo-biological navigation.

Sometimes this happens individually; sometimes collaboratively.

We may have a 'home base,' yet need to also be comfortable traveling to other locations/groups; like the wave and the particle in Quantum Physics.

I guess this trip was an example of today's energy for Gate 33?

"Line 2 - Surrender Exaltation: The recognition that surrender to superior forces can be an opportunity to expand one's own strengths and eventually triumph. Embracing powerful forces in order to lay the foundation for future success."

After some lunch conversation, it became clear that the small mosaic pieces of our trip provided a larger image for us to investigate...

There's always a Higher Agenda, right? Are you tuned into your inner GPS?

There may be detours....

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1 Comment

Aug 01, 2021

Too bad the psychic fair was cancelled, but it got you out to take some beautiful detours! I love the idea of the Pineal Glad as our inner GPS, pulling us to the locations where we will be activated. Looking forward to being further activated!

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