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It's Tuesday, December 22nd; 12.22.2020. This is an '11' - a Master Number day to 'follow your inner star.' How fitting, with the current planetary conjunction resembling 'The Star of Bethlehem.'

Have you seen it?

It's also, biodynamically, a 'leaf day,' (as was yesterday and is tomorrow, too, actually).

This may explain why I'm loving tea and happily sorting through the fridge to make poached eggs in miso to eat with spinach.

I woke with residual effervescent energy bubbling this morning and did my absolute best to align with my heart to determine what right action might look like today.

Turns out, holding this frequency is the Work that we, Light Warriors and the Collective, are called to do at this time.

It requires constant vigilance: finding humor in sticky situations, maintaining self-care, and claiming opportunities for joy, as they arise.

Gate 10:Line 4 - "The opportunist The acceptance of norms until a successful transformation can be engendered. Exaltation: Transformation that is transcendence to a higher code. The maintaining of behavioural patterns until the right moment and opportunity for transformation."

When might that 'right moment' be, you ask?

Turns out, it's - now.

As I listened to Gregg Braden today, he reminded me of this new philosophy emerging: 'Consciousness informs itself through its creations.'

Just as the items (and thoughts, words, actions) we create are informing consciousness, we are also becoming informed.

So, why not take every opportunity to transform and transcend with your creation.

Sing (Here's one of my all-time favorite songs, as sung by Pentatonix). Sew. Draw. Cook. Bake. Build. Write. Express....whatever, however, brings you joy.

Together we are co-creating the transcendent transformation into 5D!

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