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Training Wheels

It's Thursday, January 28th. It's a 'leaf; day (biodynamically) so tea will taste delicious - as will any leafy greens and salad. Also, it's a '7' day, which means a good day to spend some time contemplating your spiritual growth...and consider your training wheels.

I'm sharing a bit of insight that has been percolating with me for a while now.

Chances are, if you are reading this blog, you are very familiar with the 7 chakra system, yes?

I fundamentally understood (remembered) the concepts behind the concept of chakras - the energetic frequency generators in our body.

Check out how Dr. Deanna Minich has expanded upon them - fascinating!

In 1987, Ra Uru Hu received a transmission from 'The Voice' (Just sayin'!)

Ra brought forth the Human Design System, which moved us from 7 chakras to 9 centers.

Richard Rudd took the work Ra began and brought in the Gene Keys...

...and Karen Curry Parker expanded on the evolution of Human Design, with some clarification of how this fits within the Quantum Realm (The Quantum Human. p.44)

I've shared my story with some of you, to explain how additional chakras/centers were activated for me: 12 total, within my body.

The insight I would like to add is this:

these chakras/centers are like training wheels.

If we stay dependent on having them functioning individually, we cannot activate our Lightbody; which is the goal. When that happens, the energy generated from any one center is accessible to any other.

Do you see what I mean?

Perhaps we need some grounding energy for our throat...or some love for our identity.

All of this energy needs to flow unrestricted within our energetic biofield.

Right now, in this Ascension Process, many are consciously choosing to collectively rise from functioning solely from the lower chakra centers, (where energy has been cultivated to feed shadow entities), to activating the upper centers, which requires us to function at a much higher vibration. With consistent integrity.

The 'awakening' of each center can activate the next until they all become fully integrated within the lighbody. They are like training wheels that magically disappear when our (Lightbody) vehicle is ready for lift-off!

Counting down: 10, 9, 8....

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