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Time & Timing

It is Thursday, July 9th and what can I say....this has been a most unusual day.

Since it is a flower day, I was planning on talking about the various flowers I harvested this morning:

Calendula, Lavender, Yarrow....

I took some time to weed for a bit in the herb garden, too. It felt good, as I didn't get to spend much time there yesterday.

Right now, the flowers are drying somewhat, until I decide how to further make use of them. I'm especially excited about working with's got an energetic frequency that feels very beneficial for what showed up the rest of the day!

Then I headed over to see Gabriel, who acquires amazing crystals - such as this Brandberg crystal, which is over 500 million years old.

I'm hoping he'll come to the Barn in August or September, as a fundraiser!

It was when I left Westminster West that things got strange. Have you ever known exactly where you're going - and then the roads don't line up?

Or have a 20-minute drive take an hour? Or come to a road you finally recognize again, to find it closed because the bridge is out?

I was navigating the Bermuda Triangle of Putney today. Roads were in different places, landmarks were missing. The GPS was hilariously confused. And I realized I was likely in the middle of a major timeline change.

That was confirmed with several calls this evening from folks who had keys go missing from their key hook. And paperwork go missing from inside the envelope. Somehow, I do believe they are all still here - perhaps just in a different dimension, which is less visible?

So what happened for you? Did you notice?

Did something go missing? Or show up? Were you able to stay in the flow of timing, rather than time?

Every now and then I really wonder what will happen when we do move out of linear time.

Will we be able to bounce back and forth through the dimensions to find all the things that fell through dimensional cracks?

Until then, I would just like to align with the timeline that is easy and joyful for me to about you?

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