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Three, Four, Shut the Door

It's Sunday, July 4th. Independence Day in the USA. And I realize that it's been two days of linear time and solid rain since I last wrote....a bit of continued clearing and recovery.

Numerologically, it's a '7' day (are you able to have a moment of quiet time and prepared to have something revealed to you today?). Biodynamically, it's a 'fruit' day.

For the last two days, it's felt important for me to keep a low profile...especially in light of this Gate we're in:


Gate of Provocation The Journey is Toward Spirit'

This does seem to be the time of year that energy work really intensifies for me - since my Incarnation Cross is Left Angle Cross of Spirit, coming up next month!

So, provocation is intense:

The chipmunks are digging up the patio, the deer have eaten all of the hostas (irregardless of the hot chili deterrent I painted on them), and the world is being presented with all manner of new things to be terrified about (Really?? A 'Delta' variant of CoVid?! Puh-leeeze! Manufactured food shortages - hmm.)

I spent a little time catching up on what might be happening behind the scenes and am convinced that major changes occurred as a result of last weeks' work.

One of the interesting things that struck me as bizarre was the suggestion that StoneHenge was created in the 1950s. Perhaps (like Z suggested) this is a completely different timeline?(Everything on this site is pretty curious).

Then in Space Weather News, there is mention of the earth's magnet field weakening (this comes from clearing density, I'm sure, because emotions are magnetized to Will and need to be Consciously addressed and felt by Heart to clear)

which means there is more being illuminated with every electrifying Solar Flare of the sun....

So. much. happening.

I'm starting to assemble a few things for Happy 4th party invite this afternoon...and recognized that before anything else, I need to reground my Body and honor the beauty here in this garden; rather than fireworks, here are some Red Hot Pokers!

As you gather to celebrate this 4th of July, consider the energy of today's Gate 39:

"Line 4 - Temperance Careful evaluation and an assessment before taking action. Exaltation: The values of feelings and instincts in establishing the proper timing. The energy to provoke at exactly the right time. Detriment: The faulty belief that willpower alone can overcome any obstacle regardless of circumstances. The energy to provoke that ignores circumstances"

And then? Maybe real fireworks?

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1 comentário

04 de jul. de 2021

Thank you, Alice, for another intriguing missive today, a day so full of significance on many levels. The heat has been ramping up here, just as in so many places, as has the sky-spraying activity. One can see the energy pulses streaming across the plasma clouds, especially at sunset. I will tune into the energies of those solar flares and pray they continue illuminating us! I hold space, as best I can, for all of us riding the waves of change taking place in our hearts and minds! Thanks, as always, for fascinating and illuminating snippets from the web, Alice. May your gatherings with friends be joyful! I am with you all in spirit.

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