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The "We're Done!" Ceremony

It's May 26th, 2021. Today is a Full Moon in Sagittarius, Flower Moon, Blood Moon, Lunar Eclipse!! It's a '9' day, numerologically, which is all about closure. Biodynamically, it's a 'leaf' day, so I'm considering the menu for tonight's supper with my sons: stir-fried rice noodles, nettle soup, and rhubarb custard cobbler, I think!

There is such power in this day...where to start?

First, we've moved into Gene Key 16: Magical Genius. (Shadow) Indifference-(Gift)Versatility - (Siddhi)Mastery.

So, perhaps a key component is to move out of indifference. I have had just about enough of the insanity playing out on the planet right now! How about you?

Are you ready to step into your Mastery and activate Magical Genius?

Lisa, of Avalon Astrology writes: "Full Moons are a time of release. Eclipses raise the bar. On the approach to this eclipse, some have already begun the process of recognizing old emotional patterns that need to be let go in order to heal and live a healthier, more empowered life. (Look at your natal chart to see where this is happening.) Wherever you may find yourself during the coming weeks, recognize this as another step in seeing what you need to relinquish so that you can make changes that will allow you to live more in alignment with your long cherished dreams."

Lena Stevens writes: "We move from individuality to cooperation and collaboration. It can begin now with the sharing of your dreams and inspirations with others. Take some time during this full moon to acknowledge what has changed in your life, what is in the process of changing, where you have support and where you could use a bit more. Gratitude and appreciation will always bring a higher vibration to your thoughts and feelings."

From this Full Moon Eclipse today to the New Moon Eclipse on June 10th, we have an opportunity to work individually AND collectively to make powerful change.

I often have a small ceremony and was thrilled to hear Allison Coe suggest we all engage in this ritual today.

What have you had enough of? What are you choosing instead? Which Elements will you utilize to assist you today?

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