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The Saint

It's Sunday, September 13th; Gate 47:Line 5 - The Saint "This position has special significance and there is no planet in detriment. Exaltation: The gift in times of oppression to maintain without hypocrisy a harmonic relationship with one's oppressors, while providing aid and succor to the oppressed. Realization at its most exalted. Acceptance of the weight of the abstract process and the grace that naturally follows. No polarity."

What a gift this day is, huh?

All planets lining up for this day - which is also the Second Sunday, and the Clearing Circle here at Dream Barn Hollow at 3:00.

As I chatted with Darlene this morning, a few themes were showing up again:

  • Identifying what is relevant and worth keeping (from the past) as we move forward

  • "Ad Just Ment:" (Ad)Moving towards; (Just)Right (Ment/mentality)Thinking

  • Self Care

When I pulled a quick 'past/present/future' trio, these showed up:

  • (46)Now is the time to take separate paths (give up what has been holding you back)

  • (19)You are always protected and Divinely directed

  • (29)Something beautiful is being born in your life

Seems like confirmation, huh?

To me, all of this came when I realized that the word 'free' in 'free will' is not an adjective, it's a verb.

We are here on a collective mission to free our Will, recognize it's importance, and understand how it is to be correctly utilized. Freeing Will is about clearing pieces that have been holding us back, spiritually.

Will is the Divine Feminine aspect within each of us, within our human experience.

Will loves inspired action and movement!

This helps shift levels of stuckness/bondage that has kept us existing at lower frequencies.

Noticing this CD that I had meant to put away (yes, I bought it for one song - and then found that several are pretty powerful!) I decided instead to take a moment to dance...and I love, Love, LOVE that the first song is titled: 'Victory Dance"!

How are you freeing your Will? Expressing your self-care? Dancing??

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