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The Right Tools

It's Tuesday, April 13 - a '4' day, numerologically (time to work, get organized, and productive!) and a 'fruit' day through tomorrow at noon.

All I can say is that it's been a straight-out kinda day for me. I did not even stop for a cup of tea. You?

This morning was crisp and lovely and I enjoyed a tour around Bellows Falls with a little insight into history from an artist's perspective. My tools were my divining rods - and my body.

Tuning into and interpreting the sensations gave me a few impressions/visions that were pretty interesting. Will I get confirmation at some point, I wonder?

Then - back home to find out that the water pump had not stopped running - and the kitchen faucet needed to be replaced.

How funny to have this screen show up in Brandon's brand new truck...

Are you noticing these 'glitches in the matrix'?

A few friends have shared that they have: one shifted height three times in two days; another went from having dill in the spice drawer on one day to having basil the following day - neither being the one she wanted at the time.

And me? Time to drop everything and get

a new kitchen faucet...

One thing I appreciate about working with someone who loves their craft is that they have tools that they know and use - appropriately and efficiently.

I truly believe that as we continue to merge timelines and navigate non-linear sequences we will be required to expand our capacity to handle ourselves differently; being present to the degree that we access new 'internal' tools, as needed and required in each moment...and trusting they are there!

What are your tools? Do you have a favorite? How are you using them?

Do you take good care of them, so they are readily available?

Also, are you sharing your stories/tools with others, so they don't think they're losing their ever-loving mind when glitches happen for them - or are you too afraid they will think you are nuts?

Seems like that goes along with Gate 41: Line 4 - The middle man "Exaltation: The quintessential manifestation of the mediator. The maturity to bring growth through mediation."

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