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The Kitchen

It's Sunday, August 30th. This has been a fun-filled day of collaboration here, At Dream Barn Hollow.

Do you enjoy cooking?

How much time do you spend in the kitchen?

I designed the inside of this downstairs space as 'kitchen' because it has been my experience that always everyone ends up in the kitchen. Heart(h) of the home.

Things get mixed, stirred up, created.

Messes get made, new recipes are tested.

Ideas are shared, solutions are found, some things are heated - others get chilled.

And there is this fun magnet that David gleefully stuck on my fridge:

As we chatted today, I worked on finishing some more pickling.

There were numerous stories that were shared - every now and then I would pause and have Sheila write down something that wanted to be addressed/cleared.

The kitchen felt full of friends - even though there were only three of us (in the physical!)

I canned 15 jars of Kosher Dills pickles.

Then we walked outside to do some clearing....

It was fascinating to see the colors that showed up through Sheila's energy filter, used in conjunction with her camera....

We (lightworkers) must have shifted something BIG!

A few folks mentioned they noticed a positive change around 5:00 pm last night - did you?

I guess that means we can go back to the kitchen and stir up a little more trouble, huh?

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