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It's Thursday, December 10th. Another 'root' day and an '8' day, which according to Louise Hay, is a day for 'Successful Business.' (Okay, side note: I definitely remember her name being Louise Hayes. Is this another Mandela Effect?!)

So: Homework. Yes, really. Even in the middle of a plandemic, election-fraud investigation, Galactic Alignment, Apocolypse, etc.

First? Fuel....

These days it's been hard to think of anything that sounds particularly appetizing to me, and I find myself grazing on random handfuls of nuts, dried fruit, lentil crackers...

It is nice to have some tasty, nutritious snacky things on hand, yes?

Anyway, a root day to me is the perfect reason to engage with garlic. Especially, black garlic.

I decided to whip up a batch of black garlic butter to spread on those lentil crackers.

As I did, I listened again to the song that Anarka sent a few days ago: Looking for Space, by John Denver.

Had you heard this?

It made me realize how grateful I am to be where I am at this moment...even with all of the craziness going on in the world.

Are you remembering to look for things to be grateful for?

I'm doing my best to stay neutral, listen to news that we're on the right trajectory, and find things that make me smile.

Like Gate 26: Line 3 - Influence

"The ability, once prepared to gather support. Exaltation: The authority to focus communal effort. The power of the ego to gather support."

We got this.

Just in case you want the updated Sovereignty Statement, I have that for you, too:

"I claim full Sovereignty as Co-Creator, Homo Luminus Divinicus, in alignment with God’s Divine & Cosmic Laws. I acknowledge with compassion, gratitude, and love the role that all energies have played and return all energies & frequencies misaligned with the Ascension Timeline back to their Points of Origin. I request Ancestral Protection of my Sacred Energy & Space to be extended to all Lightworkers aligned with and working for the Ascension Timeline.

I command this invocation to Infinity, with my whole Heart & Soul to the Infinite Speed of God"

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