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Today, Tuesday, August 18th (New Moon in Leo!) was a 'catching up' day for me. Sometimes it feels like I'm so far behind, I'm ahead - and sometimes the opposite is true.

The other day, I had a conversation with a dear friend, who is hating her job. I asked her what she would love to do. Is there something else that would be more fun? After all, her husband makes enough to support the family...

She responded, reasonably enough, that it's hard to give up one's 'standard of living.'

I have been chewing on this thought for days....

Has my lifestyle changed, since I left the 'security' of a salary?

Do I feel like I have suffered lower standards?

What habits have changed?

What, if anything, am I doing differently?

I hung out the first load of laundry - because sheets dried in the sun are a win/win/win: they smell so good, hold the energy of the sun, and - no dryer costs.

Then, I came inside to the bounty that showed up yesterday...and decided this was the time to make some dilly beans.

It was lovely to have a zoom conversation with a creative, coherent group of people, during the bean-trimming process.

As I measured the spices and packed the jars, I listened to a fascinating video, describing NESARA.

Hearing how folks take a leap of faith, leave careers and money and move into a new paradigm resonates with me - because, in a sense - that is where I am.

Trusting that I always have my needs and desires met - creates that experience. I believe it, so I see it.

Perhaps it's more accurate to say that instead of 'dropping my standards of living,' my priorities have changed.

Rather than spending money for entertainment, I am more enthralled with my garden and the bounty of nature, stretching my creativity, and activating my imagination.

Like this sumac...did you know that you can place it in a mason jar filled with cold water in the sun - and it will make 'pink lemonade'?

Apparently, it is also full of vitamin C and is very thirst-quenching, too!

Thinking back through my life experiences, I have had the honor of elegant dining with multi-millionaires - and sleeping on dirt floors.

I have worn designer dresses and diamonds - and muck boots and muddy overalls.

Perhaps I am more excited at stretching into a new way of being - or trying a new experience- than by maintaining any 'standard'?

What about you? Are there certain things that you can't imagine giving up? Living without?

Or are you rigidly (maybe fearfully?) maintaining standards that - just might be keeping you from greater bliss?

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