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Speak Easy

It's Monday, February 8th - and it's gloriously sunny! It's a 'fruit' day; and a '6' day. Numerologically, this is about personal inventory and making your home a 'personal haven' -for yourself and others. Yes! This is exactly what I had in mind with creating this place!

Last night, I was working with Suz to consider the best way to set things up for this coming Friday's event. We considered the lighting (very important!) and did a soundcheck.

She chuckled and said this was becoming a 'Speakeasy.'

I got 'truthbumps' and realized that is exactly what I stand for: speaking easily. No fear of expression. Being brave enough to state opposing opinions. Respecting dissenting voices. Welcoming everyone and creating a space where folks can gather to celebrate their inalienable rights to be free and pursue happiness. Valuing all ideas and possibilities.

Perhaps this is where today's Gate 49 comes into play: Line 2 - The last resort "Exaltation: The determination to exhaust every possible peaceful avenue for change and then when satisfied that no other course is possible, to plan in detail before revolution is attempted. The potential to explore every possibility before rejecting. Ideally the transformation of forms based on the highest principles and not simply for power. Knowing what and who is needed or not for the community."

A dear friend shared this:

"This path forward doesn’t involve fixing anything from our divisive past, let’s instead find ways to throw life lines to one another, across these great divides, and pull the paths toward each other. Onto the trajectory of our united future we shall go."

There are some signs on the wall from history, including these 10 Stages of Genocide.

Recognizing the importance of what is actually happening now (again?) is the first step; can we agree on that?

If not, how can we move forward together?

Let's recognize where we are, so we can choose where we're going...

Let's honor each person's passion and maximize imagination...

Let's keep things free, in order to keep all other options open.

Stay healthy and ...speak easy!

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