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Solar Eclipse*New Moon

It's Thursday, June 10th...and oh, my - are you feeling this intense energy?!

It's a '3' day, numerologically (party! laugh! have fun!!) and a 'root' day, biodynamically (I'm loving raw carrot salads and smashed potatoes).

So...with so many brilliant astrologers to turn to, I'll share a few key insights that resonated with me, about today, ok?

Here's what Lisa wrote:

"The Sun and Moon are in airy Gemini along with Mercury, Gemini’s ruler, currently in retrograde. This planetary trio amplifies mixed communication raising distress levels. The inclination during Mercury retrograde is to revisit. A New Moon beckons you to begin something new. A solar Eclipse/New Moon increases the desire to move on with plans in a brand new direction. This back and forth finds us waffling between past and future. Best course of action is to avoid getting lost in nostalgia and ground yourself with any activity that keeps you here now. Patience and self care will help ease tensions. "

Lena writes: " This is truly a time of great potential if you can keep your thoughts, intentions and focus on the positive instead of worrying about the negative what ifs. When in doubt turn your attention towards beauty, gratitude and all that is good in your life."

Today's "Gate 45:Line 4 - Direction

Exaltation: The ability to focus the opportunity of gathering together for the service of higher principles. The expression of higher principles on the material plane."

I feel certain that this particular day has brought a number of disclosures that I have not yet seen....

however, since I had a lovely day in the garden (and a new rock family -thank you, Chris!) I am okay with leaving something to look forward to tomorrow!

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11 Ιουν 2021

Yesterday's energies were so intense for me that I came home from work, ate some hummus and rice crackers, had some cashew milk, and just went straight to bed! And I am especially rested this morning, ready for changes to come. Thanks for the perspectives from your astro-friends and your own, Alice. Love those rocks that look like they have been exquisitely smoothed by running water for aeons!

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