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Small Acts of Bravery

It's Wednesday, March 10th. The sun is shining, the sky is blue, and it is a '9' day numerologically. A day to finish things. Also, it's a 'root' day, I realize why

I was craving ginger tea!

As I gathered together trash and recycling, information for the mechanic, and various things to mail, I considered my level of fortitude.

Would I be strong enough to stop in at the Co-op for some popcorn and Nutritional Yeast? How about the credit union?

Ugh. When did doing errands require such inner strength?

Well, since I truly decided I WILL NOT wear a mask. Matter of principle.

So off I went. All of the easy things first...

By the time folks caught up with me (in our very small Co-op) wildly waving masks, I was mostly done shopping.

I stayed calm. I was polite. I declined 'curbside' service. I gave my member number even as there was talk of banning me from the store. I asked if they would like a copy of my notice? The short answer: no.

I have always been a troublemaker...

Really, though. Shopping? An act of rebellion?!

Dropping some soup off for my neighbors, I shared my adventure:

Me (proudly - and still perhaps a bit rattled): I just performed an act of bravery!

Her: Yeah? What?

Me: I shopped in the co-op without a mask!

Her: Really? And how did that go?

Me: (eyeballs rolling upward)

I deposited my hard-earned groceries and took a walk outside to see what the tree guys were working on. Major pruning and new telephone poles.

A quick discussion with the arborists left me hopeful there might be a load of chips sometime soon!

I returned to find a petition in my email to 'stop medical discrimination.' Okay.

I signed the petition to stop forced experimental vaccines.

How much longer is this going to last, I wonder?

In the meantime, nature keeps me keeping on...

I see sap buckets hung on trees and dream about weeding.

What's keeping you going?

How are you maintaining your humanity?

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