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It's Thursday, September 17th...and a New Moon in Virgo: My number and the moon in my sign!!

It's also Gate 6: Line 4 - Triumph: "A position on natural and unchallengeable power. Exaltation: The charity and wisdom that must come with victory and the movement towards new horizons. The power of emotions to dominate a relationship."

(I'm not even bothering with the 'detriment'...because: hello? Aren't we all ready for New Horizons?!)

Astrologer Lisa Verschoor reminds us: This is an ideal time to begin a new project or resurrect an old one. The earth sign Virgo is associated with Mercury, which is all about keen perception, fine-tuned analytics, and minutia of daily life.

Priorities revolve around cleanliness, diet, and routines that keep us healthy. Virgo is also an indicator of where we are called to service, our desire to help others, and our willingness to take a subordinate role for the benefit of a greater cause.

And The PowerPath states: "Instead of waiting for more clarity, work with what you have and set some practical intentions." Yesssss!!

Since I finished my fun escapist book yesterday, I picked up the next on my pile, carefully avoiding the required reading for my next class (ha!).

How many books do you have in your pile?

I breezed through this one in about half an hour. It felt like I had written it!! Really, I've been living it - and teaching good!

Andrew Bartzis, the Galactic Historian - have you heard of him? - warns about addictions to 'Hopium,' (which I think is hilarious). I believe this means we wake up to realizing that changes are up to us to make. Even as we hope, pray, plan...we need to take practical action.


  • What will you be doing today?

  • What is on your New Moon list of intentions for this month?

  • How will you use your precious attention, consciousness, energy & intention to create something triumphant?

  • How is what you are choosing contributing to the Collective Cause?

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