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It's Monday, November 23rd and this morning started out with lots of rain. That felt relevant after conversations yesterday, discussing the purifying aspects of each element. Maybe we were due for a baptism?

I spent a little time cleaning up from the weekend, ate a delicious Polish cookie for breakfast, and then headed out...

Today was a whirlwind trip down to Connecticut to pick up Isabel.

On our way back, we discussed current themes that have been emerging for us.

What has been showing up for you?

Have you noticed patterns over the past few days?

She mentioned one thing she's noticed is that people seem pretty unaware of their impact on each other; taking undue advantage.

This seemed funny to me, as I did not realize all her animals were coming, too...

When her cat defecated, the entire car was filled with fumes, and I wondered what impact this experience was having on me?

Is there a proactive way to become more aware of ways in which to be more considerate and thoughtful?

When I got home, I found a lovely card - (thank you, Tony!) and the SNU magazine. What a terrific reminder to be grateful for every experience...and certainly in alignment with Gate 34:

The Power of the Great Pure Unconditional Power "Power is only great when its display or use serves the common good. The moment that power is identified with awareness, it is turned into deeds."

Do you recognize when 'service-to-others' comes at the cost of self-sacrifice?

Are you able to discern when to engage in 'service-to-self' vs. 'service-to-others'?

Apparently, I still don't...until after the fact.

Right now, I'm going to go run an Epsom Salt bath!

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