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Seeing Red...

It's Saturday, October 3rd and it felt hard to stay focused this morning; the moon was void-of-course from 1:47am until 11:12am. I puttered around, listening to the link Janet shared. Good stuff!

We're currently in Gene Key 48 (Shadow) Inadequacy – (Gift) Resourcefulness – (Siddhi) Wisdom

Human Design's "Gate 48:Line 2 is: Degeneracy with: 

Exaltation: The awareness that to successfully establish a new form one cannot neglect the most positive attributes just to accommodate inferior elements. This would lead to deterioration. A confidence in awareness to resist inferior influences. Detriment: The misguided urge for harmony that degenerates when associated with inferior values into decadence. A lack of confidence in awareness that invites interference and decadence."

Stacie came over and helped me in the house, today. She shared this lovely photo of the lake she took last night - no filters! (yes, there are some Halloween lights.)

Doesn't it look red?

We chatted, as we worked, and talked a bit about what's emerging for the collective.

It's been tricky to know (for years!) so much of what has been going on behind the scenes and sense what and how much to share. When I tell people, I recommend they start researching on their own.

Most folks just think I'm nuts.

Some people don't really want to know.


I mean, if you know, then you might be compelled to do something about it all - and then feel inadequate when you start to realize how complex it is.

If you don't want to know, your body will give you feedback in a way that lets you know you have to address it...

John Paul Rice mentioned this title, in his video. (Only if you are feeling brave!)

I was furious when I started to realize the breadth and scope of entrainment, manipulation, and perversion: politics, education, law, healthcare systems, media, entertainment, etc.

Have you recognized how much you have been affected & programmed in/by our culture?

Now, I realize that clearing is a resourceful way I could deal with healing - so I didn't need to wallow in depression and/or inadequacy.

One quote for today: Courage is love in action.

It's okay to allow anger to fuel your fire! Just recognize how to put it to good use, so it doesn't burn you up - or out. Eventually, like me, you'll hopefully be able to hold room for everything with forgiveness and compassion...and figure out how to tap your own inner resources that will emerge new wisdom for creating a new and loving collective way of being.

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