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Updated: Apr 22, 2021

It's Tuesday, April 20; a '2' day (or '11' day) numerologically (time to be considerate of others!) and though it's still a 'leaf' day biodynamically at this moment, it will shift to a 'gray' period from tomorrow at 5:00am through Thursday 6:00pm.

Today I spent most of the morning and early afternoon 'grouting.' Turns out this is a good job to be able to (re-)listen to a variety of podcasts and interviews.

Then, after that clean-up, I finished assembling bridge #3. During this process, I zoomed with Z & C and came up with some solid insights for clearing:

  • The push for artificial timelines and non-organic agendas

  • Mob intimidation tactics

  • 'Fuckery'

Personally, I hope that last one really clears a number of issues that are showing up for the collective, including:

What else might be cleared?

Who knows?

Maybe facts billed as fiction?

Fictions presented as fact?

Science without (con)science?

And so we reach this last day of Gate 3:

"(Left Angle Cross of Wishes)

Line 6 - Surrender The ultimate maturity to recognize when struggle is futile. Exaltation: As its light sustains, so life goes on. The innate acceptance that ordering is a process, not a problem."

Yeah, okay.

I feel like I've been through enough struggle.

I'm off to soak in a parasite detox bath...

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