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This morning, Saturday, May 16th, I woke up in Castleton, NY. It was a bit of an adventure for me yesterday...when I started out to see Heather, in Mayfield, NY, the weather looked fine. Was it nice where you are? Any rain??

I knew there was going to be some type of energy clearing - not sure what. It was a lovely drive and I noticed some clouds start to gather.

When I arrived at the restaurant, one of the young servers mentioned the radio warning about a tornado.


It was the first anyone had heard of the storm.

Sure enough, the moment I finished clearing energy in the house (which had been first built sometime in the 1800s) the rain and wind let loose. My car got the best powerwash ever!

And then, it was done.

Heather drove us over to the Sacandaga Lake and I stuck my feet in the water. We gave gratitude to the area, for releasing everything that was ready to leave.

When I left for Zelda's, it seemed like I was driving back into the storm. Have you ever traveled in the pitch dark, with road construction and pounding rain? How do you proceed? Do you pull over and wait? Or just push on??

Somewhat defiantly, I pushed on, arriving safely. The energy continued shifting all night and by morning, everything felt fresh.

Zelda and I walked around her garden and I listened for feedback from the Elementals.

New information came through - and I was so excited to hear that one of the amazing 'hoops' that she is building is coming to me!

I headed home and arrived in time to mow my lawn and trim the borders.

There were new blossoms on the Asian Pear and numerous small violets that had popped up everywhere! The forget-me-nots had started opening and the vinca was flowering.

Would I have noticed them with such glee, if I had not left ...and then returned?

It's why we leave, isn't it?

Because it's lovely to come home.

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