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Roses are red...

It's Thursday, October 15th. We are halfway through this month - how wild is that?

Today was a root day all day, so I made use of the time to plant, divide, and transplant. Isn't this beautiful? It almost looks like a piece of sculpture...

It's some of the ginger I planted today, in the hopes of growing my own. (Kinda funny: this Ginger is growing ginger...!)

As I worked, I contemplated today's Gate 32:

Line 3 - Lack of continuity Exaltation: "Indecision and persistent reevaluation, that only because of its basic intelligence manages to endure. Indecision in times of transformation."

Isn't that funny that indecision and persistence are part of the exaltation??

So, check out the Detriment:

"An overreliance on traditionally legitimized standards that in times of change can be totally out of step and suffer unexpected humiliation. A lack of instinct in times of transformation."

As I was figuring out where to plant a few remaining rose campions and poppies, I noticed the asparagus growing everywhere - thanks to the seed-planting chipmunks and squirrels.

So, I found myself running around like a squirrel, looking for the asparagus plants, and digging them up to replant in the asparagus bed.

Which is where I found this little surprise beauty. Not really a rose - yet such a vibrant scarlet. I had to share!

After a quick trip to Brattleboro, I returned to listen to a few updates. I hope you have a chance to listen to them before they get removed. FB, Twitter, and YouTube are removing, censoring, and deleting ruthlessly!

More and more folks are waking up and sharing incredible information that the Mainstream Media is not covering:

Did you know clones are real?

Did you know Biden was the one involved in the Russian espionage - and blamed it on Trump?

Did you realize that when Biden is indicted, Trump will run unopposed?

(This totally explains why I didn't see the election happening the way it always has...)

Did you know that Trump will be announcing JFK as VP?

Did you realize we are in the middle of a war? Not only information warfare - spiritual warfare??

It does all sound a bit crazy. Please! Do your own research!!

Exciting times, for sure...

Good thing I have my gardens to keep me balanced and grounded.

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