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Today is Thursday, September 10th. Happy Birthday, mom!

This morning was a little misty. I love the feel of the cool air, even though it's also pretty humid.

With plenty of things on my list, I jumped into action.

Do you have a morning routine?

I used to be fanatical about, I allow what feels right to dictate the next move.

I remembered it was a root day until 4:00, so I decided to bake carrot cake for my birthday-twin friends.

After that, I went outside to harvest more roots. This spring I had planted a few of the purple potatoes Sue had brought over from Earth-Sky-Time Farm in Manchester.

Now, it's my own personal treasure hunt! They were pretty easy to find; I had tried a new planting trick, using hay to mound them, rather than dirt.

As I dug, I thought about my own roots: what are the odds in the Universe that I am who I am?

That my mother met my father - and the whole family lineage before that??

That I ended up back here, in Vermont - where my great (-great?) grandfather, Heman Hyde first settled, who then moved out to Utah, where I was eventually born?

As I worked the bed, I noticed a rogue potato plant that must have been overlooked.

Don't you love the surprises nature offers?

Perhaps this is because I've been so busy painting, the garden has been completely run by the Elementals!

Makes me wonder where else I can add a little more 'surrender'?

By the time it started to sprinkle, I was ready to be done in the garden for the day.

That was an easy 'surrender'!

Tomorrow is a 'flower' day.

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