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It's Monday, May 10th. Happy Birthday, Mike!

Numerologically, it's an '11' day (or '2' day...I like that Master Number '11', though!) and biodynamically, it's a fruit day.

As such, I dealt with repotting some baby tomato plants (I usually prefer a root day for this) and then took a stroll through the gardens. It rained last night, so everything is fresh and green.

Now, I'm getting things together for a quick trip to Rhode Island.

To me, the most interesting thing about traveling these days is the timing. I will have everything together and then have to wait

...until suddenly I get the 'GO!,' so I can leave.

Although I'm excited, there is always a bit of a question around the real purpose of each trip...since I know that I work multi/inter-dimensionally, I acknowledge that my Higher Self navigates me from a better perspective.

It's my role to simply be in response.

This is another component to factor in:

"Gate 23.2 Self-defense Today, tolerance to a point is key; The need to abandon tolerance when survival is threatened."

Isn't it a fine line?

Growth happens when we take risks and venture beyond our (beautiful) comfort zones...

And yet, we also need to remember how to stay in integrity, trust Guidance and hold love - even in threatening situations.

What will happen with tomorrow's New Moon, I wonder?

Already, I am hearing plans are shifting!

Remember to take some personal time for reflection today and tomorrow...create a list of values, dreams, and priorities for yourself - and breathe a little energy into them.

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