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It's Thursday, October 22nd. 10.22.2020 and my 212th post. Whooopeeeee.....!

Since the weather was lovely, I headed outside to clear a few beds. I dug up the dahlia tubers and thought about the file that Z shared the other day. No, I haven't read all of the 656 pages (?!) - here is just a snippet from page 13, which sounds a lot like what I was 'told':

"The species human is a carefully engineered vessel by hundreds of races who have spent millions of years perfecting the medium to experience LIGHT in. Humans are not lying shitty biological computers. They are infinite light beings having a human experience. Life's hard for many...Because infinite light is immediately attacked and bombarded with mind control technology (medical, entertainment, books, music, songs, etc.) that do not allow a newly welcomed IS-BE on Earth to discover their IS-BE before being responsible for make life decisions. Not everybody evolves at the same time, and nor is it in our interest to violate their free will to live a life of ignorance. The path to self enlightenment and ultimately Majestic Reality lies within. We only need a critical mass, and others will follow due to human nature."

Pretty amazing, huh?!

I chose not to get overwhelmed by the amount of growth and focused instead on the terrific job various plants did in reseeding themselves!

And thought about how grateful I am to be right here, right now...with the awareness I have.

It will make it easier to hold space for the cognitive dissonance when others start hearing about it all: the lockdown, the declass, the collusion, and more. Did you already know? To what extent??

It's been no easy feat to hold an awareness of the corruption - as well as get on with day-to-day living and all that entails...

Let alone start thinking about what new and beautiful things we might co-imagine into existence...

Actually, that has been what's carried me,

because there is unexpected beauty to find when we know to look for it.

Like this surprise...despite the frosts!!

So, even though Line 4 of Gate 50 is: "The lack of enriching values: Exaltation: The malefic gift of turning inferior values into material success. Given this difficult position, Saturn's exaltation is, that its actions are limited to selfishness and unsavouriness rather than criminality. The capacity to maintain one's strength despite inferior values."

...I'm encouraged (and encouraging YOU) to maintain the strength to push on through

(oh, my yes - that does rhyme!)...with Love, Light, Truth, and Power.

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