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Red? Ready!

It's Friday, October 2nd. I heard this morning that President Trump tested positive for CoVid.

What an interesting tactic, I say...

I reflected on the brilliant conversation at the fire pit last night, which arose rather organically for yesterday's full moon; the issue most people suffer from on this planet is being 'desensitized to violation.'

Do you feel the truth in that?

Whether it's physical, mental, emotional, verbal abuse...often our emotional baseline gets flattened to the degree that we don't even recognize what's happening. By the time we are finally willing to confront the truth, the confrontation becomes traumatic.


There are a lot of folks who will be shocked and unprepared for the coming trauma over the next week or so. Some of us have been waiting for a looooong time!

Are you ready?

I have a dear friend, who has always laughed at me when I told her things. It was last fall that I told her Hillary Clinton would be the first of the Cabal to be arrested.

It was hard to hold space for the eyeball rolling...

Now, things are finally coming to light, and she'll be able to say (again, and incredulously) that she "heard it from Alice, first."

As I pressure-canned summer squash and cabbage today (a brilliant indoor activity, since it was raining), I wondered what percentage of people around the world know about the real state of affairs?

As it is, for me (for now), life goes on...

This will, however, change EVERYTHING.

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