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Recognition of Talent

It's Saturday, May 29th. Happy Birthday, Dave!

Numerologically, it's a '3' day (party time! Dance, sing, and play!) and biodynamically, it's a 'fruit' day for a few more minutes. It was cold, gray, and rainy this morning and I honestly considered having a pajama day...

Early on, I worked with a lovely woman to clear for some very excited (and impatient) ancestors and listened to a powerful discussion by some of my favorite outspoken doctors.

Then, once I realized my 'fruit' day was rapidly disappearing, I got prepared to brave the chilly drizzle, in order to get my remaining 'fruits' in: peas, beans, edamame.

Interestingly, once I committed to going outside, the drizzle stopped and the sky lightened.

Isn't this how faith works?

You've got to trust that what it is you want is rising up to meet you - and take a step towards it...seeing through the illusion of roadblocks (whatever form that takes).

I was so happy to get the rest of the beds prepped for 'roots,' tomorrow: beets, carrots, radishes, and transplanting. It's a short window, so I'm on it!

After clean-up, I wandered through and

snapped these photos...

Did you realize stones can be helpful by holding intention and purpose?

This little rock installation includes stones from Rhode Island and Maine; I tasked them with diffusing a newly shifted underground water stream. Seems like weather, water, stones...all elements want to be of service!

Now I'm looking forward to hearing what Simon has to say.

I imagine there may be an alignment with the energy of "Gate 16:Line 4 - The leader

Genuine and sincere support and recognition of others. Exaltation: Enthusiasm for/and service to higher goals. The skill to recognize and support the talents of others."

Me? I'm just loving the talents and service of the Elements today!

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