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It's Monday, August 16th....half-way through August. Numerologically, it's an '11' day; Louise Hay's reminder for this day is to: 'Let the day flow and be on time.'

Biodynamically, it's been off and on 'gray' today.

I realize that I haven't written in the past few days, so I will be catching up in bullet points, ok?


  • Super productive outside clean-up (weeding Goldenrod, cleaning up residual construction stuff...)

  • Muggy, hot, over-exertion

  • Cracking headache and pressure (Something MAJOR to clear)

  • Terrific Fun Friday gathering

  • Sleeping in the Gazebo


  • 2:00am insights & whirlwind packing

  • Long, hot, muggy drive

  • Trip to support MSU (Right? I had to laugh...for me, Nathan and Mark gave me this acronym for 'Makes Sh** Up; it also stands for Maine Stands Up)

  • Had a chance to meet Seth - too funny that he's been part of Zissis' Divine Masculine RoundTable videos.

  • A lovely Mother/Daughter musical arrangement


  • Some Ancestral Discovery

  • Geomancy with representatives for Heart/Consciousness/Will & Body in a Medicine-Wheel-Type design

  • A quick dip in the ocean, before a much cooler drive back, somehow time-traveling to be on time for my...

  • Zero-balancing appt. with Doug

  • Solid sleep - all headache/body pain gone!


  • Fab Zoom with Z & C

  • Processing Aronias into juice

  • Making cheese (surprise! Lots of milk in the fridge; thank you, Brigham!)

  • Canning peaches

  • Listening to various podcasts as I worked: Mel K., an interesting discussion with Dan Cooper, Max Igan, the video Z shared...

  • Laughing as I realized the clock on the wall had stopped...what is going on with time?!

As we wrap up the energy of Gate 4, we arrive today at "Line 6 - Excess Repeated and conscious abuse of norms will not escape discipline. Exaltation: The development through experience of techniques to apply self-restraint. The potential in a logical process to recognize when the understanding is not complete and have the patience to wait out the process."

As I become more unpredictable with plans, writing, traveling, I feel it is only fair to be patient with others, who have not yet moved out of chronological time into a more natural flow....especially with all of the information coming out right now!

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