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Rebel Mentors

It's Saturday, June 26th. I breezed right through the '9' day, yesterday, and am working on grounding myself today in the creativity of today's '1' day, numerologically. Also, we have moved into a 'root' day, biodynamically.

It's been a good coupla days to consider the conversations, experiences, interactions, and relationships that have taken place. I do process well while doing hard physical labor.

We had an amazing fire last night for Fun Friday and shared stories about our children; us, as children; various funny pranks we played - and the sorry state of most schools today.

I loved the group intentions that emerged, as we considered what will be educationally important...such as Brynn's suggestion: we need Rebel Mentors!

Yes. And multi-generational non-classroom learning environments that are hands-on, practical, and community-oriented.

This morning brought blankets: of fog (here) and smoke (in Arizona; photo by Stacie)

It provided a terrific backdrop for lots more reflection and clearing...and, as I worked, a realization that sometimes it's very apparent when things are done.

Such as peony season. Over.

It was lovely to have a little stillness for "Gate 52.2; Focus on the other or not is key today

Line 2 - Concern Exaltation: The pause that is initiated to benefit others. The pressure to restrain energy for the benefit of others."

Good information came to light in preparation for tomorrow...will you be joining us in Turner's Falls?

There may be some rebel mentorship happening!

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