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Reality? Check...

It's Thursday, January 7, 2021. How are you?

We're at Gate 54:Line 3 - Covert interaction "Exaltation: The ability when stymied in formal relationships to use secret or purely informal channels, when it is the only resort. The drive when blocked to use secret means to fuel ambition."

If you've been watching the NEWS (programming that covers North, East, South, and West) you might think Trump supporters were out of control and storming the White House.

Maybe 'secret means' are alternative media channels?

When I tuned into things, I felt very calm.

Which was fascinating, in a sense...

It's a little like watching a really good movie, wanting to see what's happening next, and yet also wanting to pause it, because, as the observer, I can choose to take a break to go make more popcorn. Know what I mean?

One channel I watched was David, Laura, and Michael - to hear their take. What was their view? Their filter?

I do appreciate Michael Jaco!

His perspective as a former Navy Seal, and former CIA operative is made even more real, when he speaks of the conscious intention and focusing of love.

What is another channel to view what's happening?

Well, Simon Parkes has some interesting


There are so many moving parts to this story...or 'pieces of this jigsaw puzzle,' as Simon says.

April and Jay are great, too (start at 18:10).

More than anything, I figure I am helping by holding my energy confidently focused on the Highest Beneficial Outcome.

So - whether you prefer to pray or meditate, your energetic attention and intention is greatly fact, that might be our Quantum 'Covert interaction'?

Just hang in there, until full disclosure, ok?

Because LOVE wins.

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