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It's Wednesday, September 9th, so: 9.9.2020.

We've now entered Gene Key 47 (Shadow)Oppression – (Gift)Transmutation – (Siddhi)Transfiguration.

This is day one: Line 1 - Taking stock Exaltation: The ability in times of hardship to concentrating on eradicating the negative factors that have led to oppression. Realizing that negative thoughts have to be eradicated. 

How do you eradicate negative thoughts?


Well...sometimes it's really easy to find humor.

Like this sign, which struck me as hilarious, as I ran various errands today.

Can you see how levels of our collective ridiculosity have reached new extremes?

(Yes, that is a real word!)

Sometimes, it's easier to focus on beauty to eradicate negative thoughts.

This is the little garden at the edge of Springfield's Trash/ Recycling Center.

Fun, huh?

Since we are in charge of where we 'pay' attention, it's good to notice the whimsy, playfulness, and efforts others have made to make things more beautiful.

Sometimes, it's amazement that jolts me out of finding this milkweed plant covered in Monarch caterpillars.

Would you recognize them in your garden?

The flight Monarchs make is absolutely mindboggling...

I am always thrilled when I notice some have found the milkweed I let grow - for them!

One thing that can assist in the eradication of negative thoughts is: faith.

Faith in an inherent order behind everything that shows this sweet little mushroom village, or this link from my friend in a faraway state, reminding me there are others aware of what is really going on in this seemingly nutty world.

Are you focusing on what you can do to stay in good humor, amazement, and joy?

What three things might you choose to notice, to transmute and/or transfigure any oppressive, negative thoughts/factors weighing on you?

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