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Radical Honesty

It's Thursday, August 26th. It's been a 'gray' day, biodynamically all day (perfect for weeding and clean-up) and numerologically, it's a '3' day (party!...or, in my case, prepare for the party)

It's been pretty hot and humid here in Vermont (can you feel the haze?), so today was a mix of inside and outside jobs.

There was a bit of deadheading, some preparation of various healing tools for Saturday's Event (the BioMat, Cohere Mat, Core Harmonizer, Tachyon Energy, etc.) before Bryn and I explored the Aura Camera.

I got various stations together, Ed and I finished cleaning up under the grape arbor, and I took inventory of the many things that I have been avoiding:

  • engaging locally in the fight against masking school kids returning this fall

  • figuring out how to address the SNHU vaccine mandate by August 30th (or I will be unenrolled from Fall Semester)

  • spending time journaling/writing up in detail the amazing synchronicities that keep occurring

  • calling my mother

  • catching up on email...

The list goes on.

Washing dishes this evening, I watched Nick Polizzi's short videos and considered his questions regarding 'radical honesty.'

How interesting, considering this week's shadow, 'dishonesty,' huh?

What would happen if everyone suddenly became radically honest? What would we do when hearing about the ingredients of this shot? Or get proof that our own government was behind the 9/11Twin Towers bombing?

I realize there are still components of myself that I keep hidden (even from myself!); situations that I avoid. Is this the year that all changes? Am I ready for the fallout?

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