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Queen Bee

It's Saturday, May 15th. Happy Armed Forces Day! As an Air Force child and later Active Duty NG, myself...well, it's kinda fun to have a day.

That said, I was not a great soldier; I questioned everything!

Today is a '7' day, numerologically (a really good day to be alone) and a 'flower' day, biodynamically. It was such a good day for me to catch up in the garden.

I got some firewood stacked, the lawn mowed, and dandelions picked. Since last year, I had wanted to try making 'Dandelion Honey.'

Perfect project for a 'flower' day, don't you think?

As I picked the blossoms, I considered a video I had seen, in which newly "vaccinated" folks learned that their arms had become magnetic, where the shot had been administered.

Have you seen this? Yourself, maybe??

What does this mean?

Instead of organic & biological, we may be becoming marked, modified, and mechanized.

Many folks (Del Bigtree, The Health Ranger, etc.) who have been speaking out since the beginning against this shot are warning against the repercussions that might arise as a result; kind of a reverse contagion.

I have to believe we are strong creators and can combine our thoughts and intention to address this. And heal it. Right?

Today we move into Gene Key 8 Diamond of The Self; (Shadow)Mediocrity – (Gift)Style – (Siddhi)Exquisiteness.

As for today's Gate 8.1 - "Today, theme of contribution to the whole or not...

Line 1 - Honesty

The truthful acceptance of limitation and re-cognition that it can only be transcended through sharing.

Exaltation: The awareness that the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts. Knowing that creative expression must be honestly communicated and shared.

Detriment: Withdrawal. The fear of losing individuality in a group environment. The design to share creativity at the expense of individuality."

So...I guess I'm sharing the idea that we can fix this. I'm doing my best to honestly stay in Unconditional Love and not be swayed by the same fear that CoVid pushers used to get us to mask up. Maybe it's because I've been through the fear and really faced that shadow?

Now I'm done with writing here...and back to check the lovely syrup (not really honey!) that I created, like the Queen 'Be' that I am.

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