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It's Tuesday, November 17th - such a good number! I spent some time this morning, collecting my thoughts and deciding how to create my day and decided sourdough pancakes were in order.

When's the last time you made pancakes?

How do you make them?

I loved finding this 'accidental' way of making them - with a sourdough start, GF pancake mix, and almond milk in a mason jar. I just leave any uncooked in the jar in the fridge...

They are tangy, super thin, and crispy on the edge.

The best part today, though, was finding unexpected hidden treasure.

Turns out maple syrup can crystallize over time... look what showed up at the bottom of the jar.

Isn't that gorgeous?

It feels very auspicious, which felt confirmed when I read today's word for the day:

This word originates from the Latin word "prōspicientia," which both describes the act of looking forward and divine providence.

I understand that we sometimes benefit from revisiting the past in order to heal...

That said, I feel that looking forward with an eye to witnessing 'divine providence,' is very empowering.

Perhaps we will witness a beautiful, crystallization of our current syrupy stickiness?

I have prospicience that my questions and views are changing the world, which seemingly aligns with Gate 14:

"When we are aligned with our design, and doing the work we love to do, we will generate wealth and power. These resources are not directly for our own use, however, but ours to manage in order to empower others, to support individual creativity, charitable activities, or leaders with a vision for humanity's future."

Isn't that beautifuL? Are you in? Together we got this!

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