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It's Tuesday, June 2, and pretty overcast here today. On days like this, it can be hard to get motivated, excited. Are you feeling it, too? This collective energy: the riots, unrest, heaviness...?

As I debated whether to make coffee or tea, I glanced over at my laptop and had to chuckle. Because, well...yeah.

Last night I spent some time with Joan again, looking at how to make the most of this American Society of Dowser's Convention - as it is all virtual this year.

She reminded me that when I look at her on the screen, it doesn't appear that I am actually looking at her on the computer.

I promptly got this prop - to help me remember to look up and into the camera. Isn't it hilarious?

(Thank you, Lisa...I love this smile!!) It worked to cheer me this morning, as I decided on a cup of chai and reviewed today's to-dos.

Now, as I'm typing is, it strikes me as completely funny - in order to appear that we are looking at each other, we can not, in fact, look at each other - we need to look at the screen. And if we're looking at the screen, we can't tell if the other person is looking at us - or not.

Did you follow that? Doesn't that sound like Plato's cave analogy again?

Basically, it's about appearances. Do I appear to be looking at the screen? Do I care what I look like to the other person? Does it matter? Is it real?

Maybe, in this instant, it is not so important...because I am not trying to fool someone or push any agenda.

But props and appearances that are used to manipulate our emotions, create separation and divisiveness, instigate aggression - that is a different story.

I am putting out a call for unity and compassion. Please don't be fooled by appearances and props that are used to stir up hatred.

We, as humans, need to see ourselves as the divine and loving beings that we are.

Do you need a prop for that?

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