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Preparing Your Heart

It's Wednesday, August 11th. Numerologically, it's a '6' day (did you spend some time making your home a more comfortable place?); biodynamically, we moved into a 'root' day.

This was terrific energy to spend working on the MetaPhysical Fair planning with some terrific team players...

I had to reach back in time to remember what things to plan - and what things to allow. My late library mentor, Susan, would often say: "Fortune favors the prepared." Turns out, that is part of a quote from Louis Pasteur, who ostensibly stated: "Fortune favors the prepared mind."

How does the mind get prepared?

If this were my quote, I would say: "Fortune favors the prepared heart."

How do you prepare your heart, you ask?


It's an odd combination of faith, trust, and heartbreak. Followed by resilience, compassion, forgiveness, and unconditional love.

So, as I continue to 'prepare my heart,' I trust that I will be aligned with everything I need in each moment; that I will connect with the people and locations that will inform my next steps....

This is the energy behind "Gate 4.1 - Right timing is theme today; Line 1 - Pleasure Ultimate pleasure cannot be achieved without perfect timing. Exaltation: The instinct to know the right moment and circumstances where pleasure is rewarded and not punished. The potential to recognize that there is a natural timing to the understanding process."

I like that statement 'natural timing.' Not the same as 'chronological - or for that matter 'linear'-timing. My heart knows, so I have courage.

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