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It's Thursday, October 8th and as of today, we are in Gene Key 57: (Shadow)Unease – (Gift) Intuition – (Siddhi) Clarity. Richard Rudd eloquently shared:

"The 57th Gene Key contains the myth of the philosopher’s stone. Our body, our DNA is encoded with that stone, that densest form of matter. Deeper in the heart of that density an infinite light lays trapped, and when we finally unlock the deepest layer of that light, a supernova occurs. We discover the Divine. We realise that we’re a part of God, that God is in us and in everything. We see clearly for the first time. We’re ‘re-conceived’. Once the bond with matter is severed at its root, the game is over. This is our realisation - that Clarity is all there is."

After cleaning up the remaining paint supplies and washing out the brushes, I grabbed my vest and headed outside. Imagine my delight, when I reached into my pocket and found one of Linda's special scrolls! Don't you love a little random oracle? I appreciated the timeliness of this message. For me, it's the perfect intersection of 'clarity' and being prepared...on a mental level.

All afternoon I worked on clearing out space in the greenhouse (nature abhors a vacuum!) to bring the lemongrass, avocadoes, lemon, lime, figs, and lemon verbena back in. Oh...the rosemary and cardamom, too!

Working to beat winter is no small trick here in Vermont!

Are you finding yourself getting all acorn-squirrely, too?

This is about being prepared on a physical level.

During a tea break, I was thrilled to see an article on HeartMath in October's Science of Mind digest.

Have you heard of either?

As a certified HeartMath trainer, I can attest to their methods and coherence practices. If you are ever interested in coaching, let me know!

This is about being prepared on an emotional and spiritual level.

A lot of news is unfolding about the corruption in politics: accusations of treason, bribery, crimes against humanity - and more. There is a lot of 'unease.'

Stay in your heart. It will keep you in touch with your 'intuition' and bring 'clarity' - a great way of being prepared!

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