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Please Hold...

It's Friday, March 12; sunny and warm! It's an '11' day, numerologically, and a 'flower' day, biodynamically. I was up pretty early this morning and decided to take a walk before the sun came up.

It felt positively balmy, apart from the occasional gust of wind.

As I looked at the stars, I wondered if the ships I spotted last night would be back?

Nope. Things were quiet.

Today we move from the last day of Gate 22 (Grace; Gate of Openness; Sharing Spirit with Others) to Gate 36 (The Darkening of the Light; Gate of Crisis; Wait for Emotional Clarity)

Have you been feeling the energy shifting?

It's a little like watching the snow melt: gradually: from February 26th, to March 9th, to today in these photos.

For me, it's also felt a bit 'itchy.' Like I'm waiting for something - and I'm not sure what; wanting resolution and not certain what that might look like.

There have been numerous videos showing up to share with friends & family considering the vaccine. Have you seen this info?

Also, I started making room to start some seedlings in the windows. I find that when I run out of storage space, I just want to clear things out, which goes along with spring cleaning, I suppose.

How do you decide what to hold onto? What to let go?

Honestly, I found myself a little frustrated being passed from one customer service rep to the next on the phone this morning.

Then I remembered this is my work:

Hold...and breathe...and hold.

As we head into tomorrow's New Moon and Sunday's Daylight Savings, I hope to gain even more clarity.

In the meantime, please hold.

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